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We make citizens interaction with infrastructure smarter.


We move your customers towards a sustainable self-service.

With automation possibilities for your customers such as Active directory and on demand services (local booking, keycards on demand etc.). We’re reducing your running costs and creating a revenue possibility for you, see our customer case below.

Connecting with Bluelight services – we save lives and increases sense of security.

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Customer Case


Amount of buildings: 1

KPI: work orders, costumer satisfaction.

Work orders
Estimated cost per work order for access control to 39€
Measurement period: 6 months/1 property
Amount of works per measurement period: 235.
Amount of work orders has been constant throughout 5 measurement periods.

Before implementation, work orders:

81 ( 39 x 81 = 3159 €)

After implementation, work orders:

18 ( 39 x 18 = 702 €)

Cost saved per period 2457 €.

Costumer satisfaction

A leading real estate company with focus on urban development and commercial properties.

Property value, 8.3 billion €.

With Amido’s software,
the number of Issues regarding access,
decreased by 78%

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Additional values:
GDPR compliance, Increased life time of access control system.