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Keep facilities and essential workers safe with our software.

There’s a lot of time spent on administrating authorization. When managing a city there’s a lot of things that need to work smooth.

Adding automated access for recycling services saves money and creates an incentive for property owners to digitalize their locks. Thus making it easier for services such as postal, healthcare and bluelight. By connecting with bluelight services, we save lives.

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Customer Case


In the county of Västra Götaland, they wanted to find a solution that is automated by the end of passage authorizations when a person’s employment or assignment ends with them. The county chose Alliera, a senior transit system from Amido. Another problem in the county was that the administration became difficult to handle for the various activities in the county because they were used for different access control systems. Something that entailed a risk of missing an authorization registration in one of the systems.

The county of Västra Götaland with 1,742,917 inhabitants,
is primarily responsible for the population’s health care.

The county is also responsible for public transport through its company Västtrafik.


The county came to the conclusion that they wanted a superior system because it is easy to connect to other systems and not just access systems, such as the personnel management system Catalog in the West.

This is a great advantage for the county, as they have been given much safer handling upon completion of access rights for staff and contractors within the county 

Alliera has streamlined Västra Götalands work, and their management team has seen a great advantage in authorization management – which can now be managed centrally. 

In addition, cooperation throughout the region has become possible. 

“ This is a great advantage for Västra Götaland, as we have gained a much safer handling on completion of access rights for staff and contractors.”
Karola Vilsson