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Alliera and DAX are our products and the basis for our services. With their help, we can offer a range of services that are second to none in the industry. Test us and you will see in black and white how much time and money you can save.


A platform for all brands. Get structure over your access control systems, property boxes and intercom.

Smart passage

Saves lives when the ambulance and fire brigade get access in real time when the alarm has gone off. After the effort, the access is automatically removed.

Smart passage BRF

Connect your tenant-owner association to SOS Alarm with Smart passage.

save time

Tag as a service

For the tenant, life becomes easier and your staff avoids all handling of the tags.

save time

Your tenants

Let your corporate tenants administer their own digital keys. Hear how this reduced the handling time by 54%.
Top trend


Amido - your digital agent. Deliver to parcel boxes, up to the door or into the apartment.

home delivery

Additional services


Connect your access system to our hosting environment, securely and easily with automatically monitored VPN connection.

Order tags

Tags that work with both EM and Mifare readers.

Operations center

Let us be the spider in the web and monitor the operation and proactively take action.



More information to follow.


More information to follow.


More information to follow.